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Short BiographyI am looking for a short bio for the promotion of our episode. see the picture on the left as an example.

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1 of 3 Key talking points: List some talking points for our podcast episode. I will also use it to promote our episode, see the sample picture above.

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Please provide 5 possible interview questions: What questions should I ask that will best showcase your expertise or get to the heart of the topic?

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Free Gift Title, Description, and Link: You can offer a free gift to the listeners, it can include an eBook or How-to guide, a video course or a webinar, etc. something that can be linked in the show notes and downloaded. EXAMPLE: "The 3 Pillars of Success Video Training"

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Social Media Links (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc): These links will be included in the show notes for listeners to connect with you.

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I agree with my interview being published on podcast hosting platforms, social media, and youtube to promote and use.

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