You:OS The Operating System of Your Mind

Sep 21, 2021

I have spent the last 30 years in technology, and my gift or strength has been being able to see technology, look at the future, put two and two together, and be able to connect the dots that one else did.

Even at 15 I somehow saw how technology was my way out and by 30, I was the owner and founder of a successful High Tech company that sold for millions.

I was great at technology, not so good at mindset and personal development. I am hoping to change that with you.

Even after starting and selling my company, I already had that little program called “Imposter Syndrom” running on my mind’s computer. You know that program, the one the says “that was just a fluke”, “I was Just Lucky”, “It won’t happen again”

10 more years went by before I finally met some people and mentors that did a lot of work on mindset, and what really drives us to do what we do.

The deeper I got into studying the mind, the more I started to realize that we operate just like computer systems, and in fact, we have “the most powerful operating system in the world“, the You:OS.

Everything we do, the thoughts we have, our beliefs, our habits… All of these are just programs, installed into the You:OS in many ways. And just like the operating system running your computer or phone, it needs to be upgraded and patched, we need to install new programs, we need to delete outdated programs.

Just like you could have a program installed in your computer that slows down the whole system, or just one single virus can destroy everything on your phone… we also need to delete outdated programs that are slowing us down and install new ones.

These days it is actually really easy to do this because science has now caught up with these philosophies and truths that have been handed down to us for centuries. It is no longer some foo foo theories, rather factual science.

There are actually some very interesting studies on how we really operate and how we can affect our minds. Have you heard of brain hacking? It is a form of reprogramming the You:OS, where we use science to hack into our Operating System and rewrite programs with new positive habits, beliefs, etc. that will in turn change who we become as a person.

Science has finally caught up with these ideas. You have heard for years about our two computer systems. You might have heard of your Conscious and Subconscious minds, your Intellectual and Emotional Minds, your Fast and Slow Thinking minds. These are all referring to the same two computer systems.

Now that you understand there is science behind this, you need to ask yourself “how can you upgrade/patch your You:OS”.