3 pillars of the copy that drives ACTION with Margo White

Season #2 Episode #53

Today I welcome Margo White, a copywriter for entrepreneurs.

There are a lot of great copywriters out there, but no one teaches entrepreneurs how to do their "homework" - develop a strategy, Customer Avatar, narrow down the niche, create a unique approach in communication with their prospects and clients... Margo says copywriters should not decide the fate and direction of the business.

Margo teaches how to create your content strategy and a unique - as she loves to call it - "Content DNA", define "Customer Avatar" and other mysterious creatures in the world of Marketing

My biggest takeaways from this episode are:

  • Content is like couture. If it doesn't fit perfectly - it's a disaster
  • What is Customer Avatar and Anti-Avatar
  • 3 pillars of the copy that drives ACTION

Today we will be Think Big on copywriting

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