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A Brief Introduction to Coaching

There are some definite guidelines on what is and is not coaching.

Coaching is about many things. However, principally it is about change. It is about developing emotional intelligence and conscious awareness.

Coaching has many benefits, far too many to mention within this page. Each participant in my coaching alliance creates and holds the agenda, making every alliance uniquely designed to serve only the success of the participant.

The process is diverse and expansive. It can cover a breadth of issues, such as dealing with the immediate obstacles that are preventing growth, personal communication and impact as well as building the vision and plan against a life’s dream and goal.

In summary, coaching is about the marriage of a persons’ potential with performance.

The Thinking BIG framework will empower you with the focus, insight, and accountability you need to achieve the consistent growth you crave.

Whether you are wanting to grow in your wealth, your health, or your relationships!


  • Identify and create a vision for what you want.
  • Get absolute clarity on the top goals for you in the next year.


  • The most powerful thing you have is your creative imagination.
  • You have infinite potential that comes from your ability to think creatively.
  • Learn to use imagination for new ideas that give you the opportunity to see solutions that you may not have otherwise seen.


  • Create your professional and personal growth plans.
  • Drive your plan of action to achieve your specific outcomes
  • Learn to win your Day, Week, Month, and Year before it ever begins


  • Use the most powerful tool ever used by successful people.
  • Learn to surround yourself with people that push you to do and be better.


  • Start using the Thinking BIG success loop
  • Develop your clear and structured roadmap to implement your Ideas and Goal for life.

Apply For My Private Success Coaching

Coaching vs. Therapy

My coaching fills many roles, but I am not a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. I have been trained to ask questions and help you examine your mindset and overcome obstacles, but I can’t provide treatment for issues like:

  • Depression or severe anxiety
  • People with dependencies such as drugs and alcohol
  • Therapy for people who have suffered abuse
  • People who are abusing others
  • People who are experiencing mental illness

See a trained health provider if you think you may have a serious problem.

Therapists in some of the above fields deal with events that have happened in the past. Coaching is specifically about the present and the future.

While reference to past events is normal practice within a coaching relationship to apply background and context, a Coach, unless declaring otherwise, is NOT qualified to deal with any past emotional trauma or turmoil that is preventing the participant from moving forward.


Apply For My Private Success Coaching


Now that you know the success coach definition and what I can do for you, it’s time to examine the many misconceptions and myths out there about success coaching. Here are some of the most common.

Anyone can be a success coach and coaches do not require training” This isn’t the case. Great coaches must possess the right blend of expertise and skilled delivery. This ensures that they can properly encourage clients while determining and resolving the core issues that merit attention in each case. I have received over 250 hours of Tony Robbins training and over 5 years as an executive coach with John Maxell so I have all the skills needed to help you transform your life. What’s more, I have already achieved proven success in my own life and put these principles into practice on a daily basis.

“Coaching is like unlicensed therapy” Those looking for a success coach definition often wonder about the difference between this and therapy. My coaching is targeted at your present situation and your future potential. I accept your current reality and look to improve your outcome moving forward. I am not a health professional, and I do not diagnose you. In contrast, therapy focuses on your past and looks to delve into past actions and patterns. It is analytical, but not action-oriented.

“Coaching is only for those who have difficulties or can't achieve on their own.” What if I told you that every successful individual I've ever met or learned from studies (in sports, business...every walk of life) use coaches. Coaching is for anybody who wants to enhance their performance – whether they want to improve at work or make more meaningful personal connections. Even the most skilled, successful people use and benefit from coaching.

The true success coach definition is a committed professional who has the right training and tools to help you achieve any goal. Few people can honestly say that they are already performing at the top of their game each and every day. If you are ready to truly maximize your human potential, and take your life to the next level, then it’s time to seek out a coach.

Apply For My Private Success Coaching

How I Operate As a Coach

As your Coach I make the following commitments to you:

  • I will believe in you completely, and I will know that you can succeed in your vision.
  • I will stretch you, challenge you, and sometimes confront you, but always from a supportive position of service. I will be warm to you, laugh with you, and will travel with you as an equal partner in your own success journey.
  • I will be honest, open, and non-judgemental.
  • I will help you to achieve all that you can be, as long as you stay true to your own best interests.

My clients are all ready to create the goals they want in their life, and it is my role to challenge you further than you would normally challenge yourself. My specific purpose is to get you to where you want to be faster than you would do on your own.

Everything that passes between us will stay confidential and I will always stand within the standards & ethics under which I have been trained and qualified.

Sometimes I will offer you an alternative view of what you are saying. I might hear a certain tone in your voice, or I might sense a fear that you have not noticed. I will always tell you when this happens. I will not insist that you address it – coaching is always about what you want. It is my job to help you to see what you want to see, not to make you face things that you are not ready to look at.


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