Join A Secret Group Of High Performers

Who Are Successfully Achieving Their Goals With Absolute Certainty...

Test-Drive ‘Secrets Of Success’ For FREE!


"Test-Drive The New 'Secrets of Success' Mastermind Community For 30 Days, And We'll SHIP YOU These 3 Gifts For FREE...!

Join A Secret Group Of High Performers

Who Are Successfully Achieving Their Goals With Absolute Certainty...


Test-Drive ‘Secrets Of Success’ For FREE!


"Test-Drive The New 'Secrets of Success' Mastermind Community For 30 Days, And We'll SHIP YOU These 3 Gifts For FREE...!

Hey, Sean Osborn and Russell Brunson Here...

We would like to invite you to join the “Secrets Of Success” community.



This is a new movement, a movement that will change personal achievement forever.

And you are here at the beginning… before anyone else even knows about it. 

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Test-Drive The New 'Secrets of Success' Mastermind Community For 30 Days, And We'll SHIP YOU These 3 Gifts For FREE...!

The Original 1925 'The Law of Success' Manuscript (Audio Presentation)


PLUS! As An Active Member Of 'Secrets Of Success' You'll Also Get FREE Access To An Audio Presentation Of Russell Brunson Reading A Lost (Unpublished/Controversial) Napoleon Hill Book Set That he Purchased For $1.5 MILLION Dollars!

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A Look Inside The SOS Community

Ultra Rare LIFE TRANSFORMING Advice Made Available To You Now

“How rare?” you may be asking yourself.

Get this – over the past three years, Russell has been treasure hunting what he believes to be more valuable than gold itself… ancient BOOKS.

But I’m Not Just Talkin’ About Any Old Books…

I’m talking about books with ideas so GREAT and so POWERFUL… that when adopted, they hold the potential of turning anyone into a legend.

Throughout time there have been many periods that have altered the course of human history.

We had the stoic time period where philosophers spoke about the importance of virtue and self control as a way to achieve peace and resilience.

There was the renaissance movement, focusing on the abundance of creativity, art, religion, and politics.

Flash forward in time, there was a small movement with so much growth potential, some found it too powerful and wanted it squelched for good…

That was the ‘New Thought Movement’, which revolved around the absurd idea that you can take control of your own future simply by tapping into your own mind and discovering your limitless potential

It’s not just “positive thinking” and all of the ‘woo woo’ stuff you may have heard… but “Thinking Big” and then DOING BIG.

Anyway, I’m OBSESSED with this movement because during this time some of the most groundbreaking works on how to achieve your greatest dreams were published.

These works would later go on to inspire some of the biggest tycoons like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Elsie Lincoln Benedict, Elbert Hubbard, and TONS more

However, so many works from the ‘New Thought’ philosophers were lost to time… until now.

Our obsession is now YOUR gift. 

Russell did all of the heavy-lifting, including flying all over the world and investing over $1.5MM of his own money, just so he could give everyone access to some of the greatest thought leaders who have ever lived.

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Some Of The Great ‘Success Philosophers’ And 

Thought Leaders You’ll Be Able To Learn From:

Napoleon Hill 

Best known for his book "Think and Grow Rich” (1937), which is among the best-selling self-help books of all time.

Orison Swett Marden

He was the catalyst for the 'New Thought' movement in America and was the founder of Success Magazine!

Charles F. Haanel 

He was once called the Napoleon Hill of his time, and have inspired millions of people to make positive changes in their life.

Elsie Lincoln Benedict 

Elsie Lincoln Benedict (1885–1970) was advertised as the best-known women's speaker during the 1920s.

Elizabeth Towne 

She founded "The Nautilus," a groundbreaking magazine focusing on metaphysical and self-help topics.

Robert Collier 

He is best known for works such as The Secret of the Ages and a series of pamphlets including The Secret of Gold.

P.T. Barnum 

P.T. Barum is best known for founding Barnum & Bailey Circus, dubbed “The Greatest Show On Earth”.

Earl Nightingale 

Earl Nightingale is the author of The Strangest Secret, which was termed "…one of the great motivational books of all time.

Maxwell Maltz 

Through his teachings, Maltz ignited a movement that empowers individuals to reshape their self-perception and harness their mind for positive change.

…and TONS more!

Remember: it doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, an athlete, a musician, a coach, a creative, or an influencer…
If you are someone looking for MORE… in life, wealth, happiness, love, and relationships… then this mastermind community is for you!

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Here’s What’s In-Store For You

When You Test-Drive Secrets Of Success Membership Today For FREE!

 Member Benefit #1 

The Secrets of Success Masterclass

The Secrets of Success Masterclass will help you get up-to-speed and in the groove with everyone in the mastermind without feeling lost and wondering where to start.

During the challenge, I’ll give you the core teachings – the “diamond in the rough” lessons – that have helped me become the successful entrepreneur I am today.

In short: this challenge will help you establish YOUR success path, including getting a clear direction on YOUR definite purpose.

 Member Benefit #2 

Secrets of Success Monthly

This is the “MEAT” of it all!

When you’re a Secrets of Success member, you’ll get to enjoy the endless supply of knowledge from the great thought leaders of the ‘New Thought Movement’ including rare and unpublished manuscripts worth MILLIONS of dollars.

You’ll get access to works from:

  •  Napoleon Hill (including never-before-published works you won’t find anywhere else!)
  •  ​Orison Swett Marden
  •  ​Charles F. Haanel
  •  ​Elsie Lincoln Benedict
  •  ​Elizabeth Towne

Members will receive tokens each month, which they can then use to download the digital and audio version of each book and have it with you for life as you remain a member.

 Member Benefit #3 

Nightingale Conant's Greatest Hits

From the 1950s to the 2000s, ALL self-development work was published by one company: Nightingale Conant.

Literally anything self-development, growth mindset, or literature on “how to better one’s life” was published through Nightingale Conant, the publication started by Earl Nightingale and Vic Conant.

We now have licensing to ALL of the works from self-development authors including:

  •  Earl Nightingale
  •  Maxwell Maltz
  •  Jim Rohn
  •  Brian Tracy

But That’s Not All…

Here’s the coolest part:

Earl Nightingale Recorded 7,000 Tracks That Have NEVER BEEN RELEASED UNTIL NOW!

These recordings are like bite-sized “success snacks” that come from Nightingale’s radio program called, ‘Our Changing World’, which became the most syndicated radio program ever!

For the first time in history, we have access to ALL of the ‘Our Changing World’ recordings, including 7,000 never before released tracks FILLED with “gold” you can listen to right when you wake up and implement into your life right now!

Normally, to have access to this unending library of applied psychology would cost thousands upon thousands of dollars… but you’ll have unlimited access for FREE as long as you remain a member of Secrets of Success!

 Member Benefit #4 

Finding The “Diamond In The Rough” For You: 

Secrets Of Success Book Club

Here’s the best part, and something I’m most excited about.

Each month, I (Russell) will be picking a book I want to go deep on. Then we’ll meet as a mastermind group and I’ll pick out the “diamond in the rough” pieces of knowledge and show you how it relates to today’s time, and how it can help you in life and business.

Having this type of high-level community where everyone lifts each other up is priceless. Like the saying goes: “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”...

…This community shows you how to transform the future you want into reality.

 Member Benefit #5 

Exclusive Referral Program: 

Affiliate Program!

What if you could inspire others to take control of their own lives and become the best version of themselves… while at the same time earn a commission?!
That’s the great part about being an active member of Secrets of Success – you will be able to participate in our closed door affiliate program and have a chance to…

  •  Inspire others to live their dreams, while strengthening you or your brand in the process
  •  Earn a 40% recurring commission every month for EVERY member you refer
  •  Earn 10% recurring commissions every month on your 2nd tier – and continue to receive these commissions on-going as long as the people you refer remain members!
  •  You will get FREE affiliate training by me, so you can be successful... even if you've never done referals before.

(Keep in mind – if you refer just 3 people, your membership practically pays for itself!)

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  • The Secrets of Success Masterclass
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  • Secrets of Success Monthly Book Club

Total Value: 

Over $55,000 /Mo

(...and that’s just acquisition costs for the books.)


But You Can Start Today for FREE!

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