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✅ Tailored Guidance: Each session is crafted to dive deep into the principles of "Think and Grow Rich," ensuring you not only understand but also effectively apply these life-changing concepts.

✅ Community of Like-Minded Individuals: Connect with a vibrant community of ambitious learners. Share insights, challenges, and triumphs as you journey together towards your goals.

✅ Expert Facilitation: I have been teaching Hill's philosophies for 10 years, Learn how to apply the philosophies of the book to your daily life for exponential growth by teaching you how

✅ Leave with a clear and structured roadmap to implement these teachings into your life

✅ Real Results: This isn't just about theory. It's about real change. Experience tangible improvements in your mindset.

6 Live and Interactive 90 Minute Cohorts

we will cover every step in "Think and Grow Rich"

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Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure towards personal and financial success?

Join my exclusive "Think and Grow Rich" cohort, where the timeless wisdom of Napoleon Hill's legendary book comes to life.

This isn't just a course; it's a transformative experience that will reshape your understanding of wealth, success, and personal achievement.

Unleash Your Potential:

Discover How to Effectively Apply All 13 Principles of "Think and Grow Rich

Transform Your Life:

Learn How to Successfully Implement The Think and Grow Rich Principles

Unlock the Power:

Discover Effective Ways to Truly Understand and Apply Its Principles

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What Do Other Successful People Say About The Book "Think And Grow Rich"?

Here's What You'll Receive When You Sign Up for Our Workshop!

Free PDF Download Of The Origial Version Of "Think and Grow Rich".

You will get a free PDF copy of the original book by Napoleon Hill, line numbered for easy following throughout the workshop.

230 Page PDF Action Workbook with ACTIONABLE TOOLS for all 13 steps.

Download this 230-page workbook that I specifically designed for this workshop. The workbook contains everything I will cover in the workshop and all the tools we go over.

Six 90 Minute Cohort  Sessions That Cover Every Step, With Actionable Tools

What good is the information if you can't apply it? Every cohort will have a mix of coahing, mentoring, work time, and a Q&A to answer any questions.

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You will be guided by me (Sean) to:

  • Gain the mindset of the most successful people
  • Learn how to leverage your time for your growth
  • Discover tools that will make you successful in business and in life
  • Get coaching on what it takes to build success
Start Your Success Journey Today!

Break Through Barriers through all 13 Steps and a Bonus

We are going to dive in and cover every step in Think and Grow Rich.

Our Cohort will be at 7 PM (Central Standard Time is consistent with UTC -6) every Thursday Starting February 8th

The recording will be uploaded to the portal within 24 hours of the live session.

Session 1: February 8th
Step 1 Desire: The Starting Point of All Achievement
Step 2 Faith: Visualization of, and Belief in Attainment of Desire

Session 2: February 15th
Step 3 Auto-Suggestion: 
The Medium for Influencing the Subconscious Mind
Step 4 Specialized Knowledge, Personal Experience, or Observations

Session 3: February 22nd
Step 5 Imagination: 
The Workshop of the Mind
Step 6 Organized Planning: The Crystallization of Desire into Action

Session 4 February 29th
Step 7 Decision: The Mastery of Procrastination
Step 8 Persistence: The Sustained Effort Necessary to Induce Faith

Session 5: March 7th
Step 9 Power of the Master Mind: The Driving Force
Step 10 The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

Session 6: March 14th
Step 11 The Subconscious Mind: 
The Connecting Link
Step 12 The Brain: 
A Broadcasting and Receiving Station for Thought
Step 13 The Sixth Sense: The Door to the Temple of Wisdom

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Testimonials on the Transformative Impact of the Think and Grow Rich Workshop.

Michaël Tartar

"I really enjoyed this course with Sean Osborn. Sean helped me discover Think And Grow Rich and put in place in my life the lessons Napoleon Hill wrote in the 1930’s. And it appears damn so actual! After each lesson, I read the dedicated chapter of the book. It helped infuse the concepts in myself. Meanwhile, I have already observed some changes in my life. Believe it or not, business opportunities came to me during the 6 weeks it took me to follow this course. I truly recommend following this course to anyone who wants to attract success."

W. Taylor

"I just finished this workshop, and I have to say, it was an amazing experience. All of the workshop was led by Sean who not only had an in-depth knowledge of the book's principles, but also wove in some fascinating insights from the field of neuroscience. As someone who isn't particularly science-minded, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed learning about the science behind our thought processes."

S. Parsons

"This program has opened up aspects of this book, and more, that I was previously completely unaware of. This also does it justice by keeping it practical and focused on application, rather than esoteric philosophy. I have already applied the principles in my start up business!"

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I'm Sean Osborn, a Mental Performance Coach who has dedicated my life to propelling others to unimaginable heights of achievement. On my own since the age of 15, I've learned to navigate through adversity and hardship with resilience and unwavering determination. My personal journey has led me to create a multi-million dollar tech company and lead high-powered teams for some of the nation's most prestigious companies—all before turning 30.

For more than three and a half decades, I have immersed myself in exploring and mastering our innate human technology, enabling individuals to break through barriers, obliterate limitations, and accelerate their progress at lightning speed. This relentless pursuit of unlocking the full potential within each person has culminated in the groundbreaking You:OS framework—a revolutionary blueprint designed to supercharge success for anyone courageous enough to embark on the journey.

My fascination with neuroscience has led me to become an NLP trainer, intertwining cutting-edge scientific insights with timeless wisdom from age-old philosophies like those found in the revered classic, Think and Grow Rich.



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Are you ready to take your success to the next level? Our Think and Grow Rich Cohort is your chance to do just that.

When you sign up for my cohort, you'll receive:

  • 6 Live Cohort Sessions. Each Session is 90 minutes long (40-50 minutes Coaching, 20 minutes working, and 20 minutes Q&A)
  • Lifetime Access to all Sessions and the Online Course.
  • Free PDF Download Of The Original Version Of "Think and Grow Rich".

  • 230 Page Action Workbook with ACTIONABLE TOOLS for all 13 steps.

At just $297, this is an unbeatable offer to learn from the timeless wisdom of "Think and Grow Rich" and unlock your full potential. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your life and achieve the success you deserve.